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Nope! Currently our website is 100% free so there is no fee to use our services. All of our phone number information, search tools, and data is free of charge to view and use.
If you would like to have your information removed from our website then simply send us an email to:

Confirmed Opt-In is the process by which each new member is sent an "authentication" text-message requesting that he or she confirm the intention to list. Affirmative action must be taken to activate the subscription.

This process is often called "double opt-in" by marketers. The logic is the recipient must perform two actions to join a list. Many in the anti-spam community call it "confirmed opt-in," considering closed-loop confirmation an absolute requirement of opt-in. The reasoning is without confirmation (by email, text-message, or other assured mechanism) the opt-in request is unsafe and unreliable. Conversely; with conformation the opt-in request is safe and reliable.


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