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How do I find a cell phone number free

How do I find a cell phone number free if I only have the name of the person I wish to contact? Search on your favorite search engine for cell phone lookup by name free and you will be confronted with a list of cell phone directories for various areas in US.
What is the best tip for locating cell phone numbers for free?

Use a free directory (4975 votes)
84.4 %
Search Google (719 votes)
12.2 %
Search Facebook (198 votes)
3.4 %
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Simple Search - Find a cell phone numbers using a reverse phone search.
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Reverse Cell Phone Numbers Directory allows you to search for any phone number by areacode or exchange absolutely free.
Free Cell Phone directory lookup Fight Back Against Telemarketers and Prank callers! Type in the number that's calling you and click "Lookup" to learn more.
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